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Zipett Coin Allocation Documents?

Rob Tidy Zipett Scam
Nothing fishy going on here
IMPORTANT NOTE: The information discussed below is a personal honest opinion that has been developed as a result of both research of publicly discoverable information and conversations with people involved in the matter. Take this as an honest personal opinion and form your own opinions based on the arguments and points presented below and your own critical thinking.

Welcome back compadre! The post you're about to read is a short one, albeit, a humorous one.

A regular topic that is brought up when chatting with victims of Mr Zipett, is that he would get them to sign these, very "professional" looking coin allocation documents.

Lets have a laugh shall we! 😎

Lets start at the top...

NOT an investment 🤭

What is being said here is that even if the person, cough cough ROB, said to you that the token may go from $1 up to $10 within the first week (And be bigger than tesla).

You should not consider it an investment or speculative... because... UTILITY. What utility? God knows! Don't bother asking Rob either because he also has no clue! 😂

"This is not a security because I say it is a utility token" - Rob Tidy, 2021
Facepalm x 100,000

So look if you find out that everything you've been told is a lie, just keep in mind that you're paying money to a MARKETING company that has actually got nothing to do with the main ZIPETT organization and no, ZIPETT MAGAZINE is a coincidental name, we are just a MARKETING company - you have no right to blemish the ZIPETT name with a lawsuit. Sue this shell company instead.

Poor Jimmy Boxell - fall guy director for Mr Zipett

Geez, poor Jim Boxell will have lawsuits coming out the WAZOO soon.

Lets lump these last few together for brevity

Paragraph #1 = You're taking a risk with this purchase friend.

Paragraph #2 = Hey... this is a big risk... be careful friend!

End Sentence = Well, shucks, let's stop to really appreciate the humor of this one. This literally says "Whatever bovine feces was told to you up until now, to get you excited to buy, forget about it, it means nothing, the only thing that matters is the words on this document".

Rob Tidy Zipett Scam
Trust me 🤠


The more that is uncovered about this case, the more it goes to show just how talented some people are at casting an illusion, leveraging the trust of word of mouth, appealing to emotions, and taking others for everything they've got - in my humble, personal, honest opinion.

Everything about Rob, in my opinion, raises red flags and the fact that the wool has been getting pulled over people's eyes for so long is actually quite remarkable.

With love of tacos,

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