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Who is Robert Tidy, Chief Baboon and Big Baby of Bartercoin and Zipett?

Who is Robert Tidy, Chief Baboon and Big Baby of Bartercoin and Zipett?
Read this at your own peril. It is the equivalent of slamming your head against a brick wall whilst the brick wall tells you how great of a brick wall it is 🥱

Mr Robert Colin Tidy, of Z4Life, son of deceased, well-known, multi-millionaire Australian bookmaker, Mr Colin Richard Tidy, has finally been brought out of the shadows and into bright light of the public.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information discussed below is a personal honest opinion that has been developed as a result of both research of publicly discoverable information and conversations with people involved in the matter. Take this as an honest personal opinion and form your own opinions based on the arguments and points presented below and your own critical thinking.

Key points from this article:

  • Robert Colin Tidy AKA Big Daddy / Big Baby had a fraction of his bad behaviour made public by Australian news series A Current Affair (View here: https://fb.watch/ev8gxTG_pW/)
  • In an entirely predictable response (knowing how Big Baby is a raging narcissist and sociopath), Robert has starting lashing out trying to make others look bad in cherry picked screenshots on his Instagram and personal site www.roberttidy.com
  • Robs Instagram is filled with paid for followers and every post he makes is paid to get people to like them to make it appear as if the words he shares has any value at all (Scroll down to Rob Tidy Vs The Truth here: https://www.insightmedianow.com/robert-tidy-the-billionaire-founder-of-zipett-z4life/)
  • Robs website is filled with half-truths and incomplete information designed to deceive viewers in the hope that Rob can salvage some of his reputation and make his victims look bad (Nothing like some good ole victim shaming right?)
Robert Tidy Zipett Scammer
This arse for a face really believes he is "The Donald" in the words of ACA reporter Dan Nolan

Robert Tidy Vs His Victims Part 1

In the pursuit of truth and justice, as I investigated Robert Tidy,  what I discovered was a long line of bad behaviour and some very consistent patterns.

The primary layer:

  1. Big Baby starts businesses
  2. He uses lots of numbers to confuse people
  3. He takes money from unsuspecting victims
  4. The company encounters some unforeseen troubles - usually relating to "hostile takeovers"
  5. Big Baby casts the blame on everybody but himself (well, he takes more of a pseudo-responsibility which is kind of like a back-hand compliment - "Oh I take responsibility BUT it would have all worked if not for XYZ")
  6. He then attempts to keep the scam going by rolling victims over into new projects
  7. The cycle then repeats at step #2

The secondary layer:

  1. Big Baby attempts to manipulate victims with threats (emotional and physical)
  2. He communicates one thing verbally or in person and then says something different (or not at all) via text / message - IE "Definitely put your super in, it is much better invested into Zipett then sitting in your super account... don't you know the government can just take your money? Buy Zipett! Send me a message later and we can discuss it" - Robert 'Never Launch' Tidy
  3. This allows him to claim that he is in the right and victim shame - "Look at the messages, they are the liars not me" - Pinocchio Tidy
  4. He collects half-truths for the purpose of shaming people in advance, because in this authors opinion, everything he does is premeditated like any good narc with years of experience would do.

Lets take a look at some examples:

Exhibit A: Daren Melazzini

Let's start with Daren. After speaking with many people close to the situation my interpretation is as follows:

  1. Rob sold Daren the dream totally and completely
  2. Daren believed everything Rob said without much thought
  3. Rob leveraged that trust, then used and abused Daren
  4. Daren then decided to commit to bringing Rob down so he doesn't hurt others
  5. Now Rob is trying to ridicule Daren
  6. Shame on you Robert "Big Baby" Tidy, you pathetic bottom feeding baboons arse.
Exhibit B: Tania Pickering

Let's move to Tania. After speaking with many people close to the situation my interpretation is as follows:

  1. Tania was sucked into the fantasy originally in Perth with Bartercoin
  2. Bartercoin failed and Rob successfully convinced Tania that it was other people's fault and that he was in the right and would still make his VISION become a reality
  3. Rob would speak with Tania both over the phone and also in various group chats
  4. Rob influenced Tania (and others) to use their super to purchase his new shitcoin Zipett
  5. Rob then shared out of context / half truth messages between Tania and him that looked like Tania was chasing him to put her super into his next project - even going as far as to say he told her she had "ENOUGH EXPOSURE"
  6. The reality is that this version is incomplete as it doesn't take into account Robs verbal conversations with Tania, the group chats and regarding the ENOUGH EXPOSURE remark... even that was out of context because he referred to his project being better than banks and said to be careful investing in ANYTHING right now as the markets are at the highest (See image below)
  7. He did not tell her she had too much exposure, he actually implied that his project is better than banks which means Tania should take her money and invest with him
  8. Rob is a miserable little c*nt of a man ain't he 🤮
Robert Tidy Bartercoin Zipett Scam
He should have just said "Don't invest in my shitcoin, because it is, well, SHIT 💩"

But wait a minute, Big Baby was telling Tania she has ENOUGH EXPOSURE...

Robert Tidy Bartercoin Zipett Scammer
"I can't give you advice but if it was me I would be grabbing coins" - Rob "Sneaky Advice" Tidy

Robert Tidy Vs His Victims Part 2

As we keep making our way down the sludge tunnel that is the world of Big Baby Tidy, we turn our attentions to Bobbys "press release" site...

Exhibit C: More attacks on Tania

Lets DEBUNK (or DEFUNK as Bobby says) this little bit of malarkey.

Line by line analysis turned on!

  1. Hardly a big investor: Just because she may have only invested $532 into your Bartercoin scam doesn't detract from the fact that you lied to convince people to part ways with their hard earned money Tubby Tits - whether its $1 or $10,000.
  2. Didn't suggest she use her super: Yes Rob, we understand that you didnt write to her in text to use her super, you just recommended it verbally so there was no trail like the good little criminal you are.
  3. Told her she had enough exposure: We covered this earlier in this article. You did nothing of the sort. You compared your project with banks and made out Zipett was better and said "If it was me I'd be grabbing coins". You weasel.
  4. Backed by Trinidad government: You say "Show me proof" well, the Trinidad government came out and condemned Bartercoin because you spread word that they were backing Bartercoin so thoroughly, it reached back to them.
  5. You say TT Gov were condemning all cryptos not Bartercoin specifically: No, you lying sack of horse dung. Not only do they specifically name Bartercoin, they also have the Bartercoin logo on the official government site where the release was published.
  6. She didn't invest all her super into BART: No shit Sherlock! You scammed her into believing that you were a victim, rolled her into the next scam and sucked her bank account dry like a vacuum sucks up dirt.
  7. She signed the paper with the warnings on it: I've covered this in a previous article, you manipulative little slime ball. Yes there are warnings on the allocation doc, however they don't mean much when you've got someone who has convinced you they are a billionaire telling you "I'd be surprised if it doesn't go from $1 up to over $10 within a week or so. My last one went over $17".
  8. She convinced her friends to join, not me: Yeah that is because you did such a good job manipulating her into believing in your pea-brained ponzi scheme. This does not detract from her character at all, just reenforces how much of a shameless bag of dicks you are.
  9. Jarrad coaching her to go to police: After speaking directly with people involved, it turns out she was just trying to stay in your good books to gather more evidence against you for this glorious moment right now - your "I am finally famous" moment... enjoy it - you were played player 😏😍
Robert Tidy Zipett
Hi, my names Big Daddy, I like to party 🥳

Oh boy. I could go on and on for hours pulling apart all the inconsistencies and lies on Roberts silly site - but I won't, because, well, I have a life outside of this 🥱

Just a few more quick points:

Rolling people over at no cost.

Now I like this cheeky little lie because the reality is that he initially charged people to roll over into the new Zipett project, got cash from some suckers, then ended up just handing out free tokens later anyway - out of the goodness of his precious little heart.

It ain't hard to give away FREE tokens when 1) they are worth nothing and 2) you create 1 billion of the flaming mongrels.

In conclusion

Robert Tidy
Robert "Edit My Photo 3 Years Later" Tidy

One could write for days about the shenanigans of this entitled and privileged little buffoon but it would become the never-ending story.

It brings me great joy to see some beautiful journalism with ACA bringing all Big Baby's dirty laundry into the public sphere.

Rob: "I charge $5,000 per hour" Dan: "For what?" Exactly Dan, for damn well what!

I want to just remind everyone of a few things:

  1. Despite it looking like Rob has reach and influence, he doesnt. He has a little circle of victims he leaches off and he pays to get likes and followers on social media. Nobody likes him and everyone with a functioning brain sees he is a joke.
  2. If you've been scammed by Robert, take advantage of the media publicity he has recently been receiving and make a report to your local police station so that he gets thrown in prison.
  3. In the words of the wonderful Eric: Take USB stick loaded with your pre-written statements, this is very important to go with statements and evidence, don’t turn up empty handed  and expect the police to sit with them for hour’s filling out a statement this has to be actioned NOW.

With love of tacos,

Debunk El Funk