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Rob Tidy & The Z4Life Scam? Lies, exaggerations and half-truths...

Rob Tidy Z4Life Scam
You cant catch me, I'm the gingerbread man! 😂

Mr Robert Colin Tidy, of Z4Life, son of deceased, well-known, multi-millionaire Australian bookmaker, Mr Colin Richard Tidy, appears to be a man of consistency when it comes to his inability to be truthful.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information discussed below is a personal honest opinion that has been developed as a result of both research of publicly discoverable information and conversations with people involved in the matter. Take this as an honest personal opinion and form your own opinions based on the arguments and points presented below and your own critical thinking.

Key Points In This Article:

  • Robert Colin Tidy AKA Chief Baboon, creates an illusion of authenticity and credibility by leveraging other peoples reputations.
  • This proves a valuable tool for scamming money from people who either a) Don't know how to do due diligence or b) Fall under the spell too quickly, due to a mixture of social factors, to investigate properly before making financial decisions.
  • Chief Baboon recently attempts to leverage the reputation of a respectable law firm and lawyer in order to give his project Z4Life /Zipett the illusion of credibility.
  • Bobby the Baboon also claims that this law firm loved him/Zipett/Z4Life so much that they opened their little black book of contacts and connected Rob with all of them.
  • Sources very close to this situation have confirmed that Baboons' statements are a mixture of half-truths, exaggerations and lies.
  • Evidently, this is standard Rob Tidy protocol for those who've experienced him and those who've been keeping track of these articles.

Let's take a deeper look inside.

Rob Tidy Z4Life Zipett Scam
Chief Baboon planning the next highway robbery 🤭

Is Z4Life and Rob Tidy Legit?

This really does seem to be the question on everyone's minds because the one skill that Chief Baboon has mastered and implements daily, is the skill of talking smack so convincingly, that people begin to believe it.  

There is a saying that is worth remembering when taking into consideration, all things related to Bobby Baboon (Rob)...

Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus - Ancient latin maxim

This is a Latin maxim meaning "false in one thing, false in everything." In common law, it is the legal principle that a witness who testifies falsely about one matter is not credible to testify about any matter.

In a more simple speak, we can say "If they are lying about this thing, what else are they lying about?"

Anybody who knows Rob, knows, that Rob is a master of telling tall tales.

In fact, I received an email from someone a few months ago sharing with me the details of how Rob Tidy became DR ROBERT TIDY.

It is quite the hilarious story but I'll just say that Rob most definitely is not a doctor and if you're one of his brain-washed groupies and you'd like confirmation, ask him to show you proof that he is indeed a doctor.

But I digress. Let's pull down this naughty girls skirt and see what Bobby The Baboon has been up to.

The MK Lawyers Lies, Half Truths & Exaggerations


This is a snipett of a recorded Zoom meeting Robert did with people who have been sucked into his Z4Life scam. In it, he mentions a meeting with a respectable fintech lawyer, Justine from MK Lawyers.

View the full 26min of rambling nonsense here: Rob Tidy The Scammer Youtube


As you can hear, Rob pulls all the standard manipulation tricks, talking about MK's reputation, size and reach... in order, to later associate those attributes to himself and Z4Life / Zipett / his shitcoin ZIPB.


Allegedly MK was referred to Rob by the "TOP TIER EXCHANGE" that he is going to be listing ZIPB on.

Of course, he mentioned that he can't disclose who the exchange is... because... "NDA's and stuff"

Translation: I can't tell you because I am full of shit.

Rob also says they will be able to let people know who the exchange is in the next 2 weeks...

Spoiler: this was recorded on June 6th, 2022 and there still hasn't been any announcement about what the exchange is.

Waiting for Rob to actually launch something...

So what happened next?


I added this for purely comical reasons. Rob declares he met with the lawyers because he likes to sit down (no surprise there El Chunko) and really get his eyes on people (Implying others can't be trusted, but he, Rob Tidy, a man of high moral pedigree, will protect everyone from the charlatans by seeing through their bs)


Well... it is not hard to learn new things... when everything is new due to your lack of intelligence Bobby Baboon.

Now brace yourself, here comes the half-truths, exaggerations and lies.


Holy smokes Batman. This sounds amazing.

Those investors must be seating there thinking that Rob is amazing and the Z4Life project is outstanding if that is the kind of offer such a respectable firm and lawyer would make.

Well, as it turns out, what Rob said isn't entirely true.

A source very close to this matter, who wishes to remain anonymous, has confirmed that all Rob mentioned are exaggerations and incomplete.

It seems there was an engagement for some early-stage work but there was no engagement to have an ongoing relationship with him or to be involved in deploying the project or being a part of any team.

Regarding not getting paid in cash and accepting tokens instead, this appears to be a mistruth also.


Here Rob claims that the law firm loved Z4Life and what they are doing so much that they opened up their little black book of contacts and in Robs words "Bombarded me with contacts."

This also turns out to be a misleading and inaccurate statement.

Yet are we really surprised at this stage ladies and gentlemen?


This right here is the most accurate description of you Robert...

A nobody. A worthless, scamming piece of slime that deserves to be thrown in prison.


And then to wrap it up, a little bit of exaggerations and nonsense.

I find it very interesting that right at the end of this clip, it appears to be edited by Robs team because he begins talking about how this lawyer enthusiastically is now connecting him with all her contacts and then cuts to a completely different segment and topic.

For the record, the law firm did not, is not and will not, be enthusiastically connecting Robert with anybody.

In fact, the professional relationship between Rob/Z4Life and MK Lawyers, according to my sources, has been terminated as they discovered Rob's colourful history and terminated the relationship.


Once again we can see how Robert leverages other people's credibility in order to raise his own status - the outcome being more money being raised from unknowing victims.

A source very close to this matter has confirmed that all Rob mentioned are exaggerations and incomplete.

MK turned down to feature in the Z4Life White Paper (Rob claimed they would be authors in it because they loved the project so much) and to be involved in any ongoing relationship after learning about certain past allegations about Robs past endeavours.

I guess the old saying is true...

Any story sounds true until someone tells the other side and sets the record straight. (Proverbs 18:17)

On a separate note:

Little birdies have informed me that A Current Affair (An Australian news show) pounced on Rob on Friday the 15th, 2022 in Sydney, Australia.

I found this very comical... why you may ask..?

Rob Tidy Z4Life Scam
An email from Rob on the 12th of February, 2022

As you can see in this email from Rob back in February 2022... He is so confident that he is right and that he is untouchable, that he urges me to contact A Current Affair.

As you can imagine,  I am rather delighted with the fact it was them who pounced on him - beautiful poetry, not even Oscar Wilde could have crafted such a delightful outcome.  

Though I guess that is the joy of being a raging narcissist, you're entirely detached from reality.

If anybody is reading this, who would like to have the opportunity to have an anonymous conversation with the media, please email at debunk_el_funk@protonmail.com

This is because they wish to collect even more evidence than they already have, so let's join forces and make sure this cockroach is finally exterminated so that he can not bring pain and suffering to any more innocent people.

With love of tacos,

Debunk El Funk