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Rob Tidy History X: A long list of scams, failures and deceit...

Rob Tidy Scam Z4Life
Ok "Kamal" we are convinced you're not either Big Daddy himself or paid by him 🤭😂

Mr Robert Colin Tidy, of Z4Life, son of deceased, well-known, multi-millionaire Australian bookmaker, Mr Colin Richard Tidy, seems to have a colourful history of scams, failures and deceit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information discussed below is a personal honest opinion that has been developed as a result of both research of publicly discoverable information and conversations with people involved in the matter. Take this as an honest personal opinion and form your own opinions based on the arguments and points presented below and your own critical thinking.

Hola mi grande, excelente grupo!

In today's article, we will jump into the time machine and inspect the life achievements of Mr Robert Colin Tidy, the Teflon Don, so slick that nothing has managed to stick... until now.

It seems with the recent pressure from concerned citizens and previous victims alike, the walls are beginning to come crashing down around this career criminal, Mr Robert Colin Tidy AKA Mr Zippet AKA Big Daddy AKA El Chunko AKA Cheif Baboon AKA Bobby Baboon.

Grab yourself a lovely cup of tea and lets step into the time machine!

Rob Tidy Z4Life Scam Zipett
Not sure even I... have words for this picture. "My lollipop brings all the boys to the yard and they're like, it's bigger than yours, damn right, it's bigger than yours, you can taste it but I'll have to charge." **Guess I found words 😅 

Prior to the year 2000 - Dodgy bars, drug dealers, bookies and prostitutes

To kick this article off we need to set our time machine to go back to around the 1980s / the 1990s.

It is here that we will find a younger, and hopefully more healthy-looking Bobby Baboon.

Little Daddy

Now it is incredibly difficult to determine what has actually happened in the life of Bobby because what comes out of his mouth is 95% mistruths, sprinkled with other people's stories he adopts as his own - at least that is what I am told by my sources - so we can only attempt to navigate the dung fields.

Now Rob was born on the 18th of October 1971 which means in the late 80s and 90s he would have been in his late teens and early twenties.

Bobby claims to have done many things over the years, among them is starting a raging success of a betting company - Ubet or Unibet - something along those lines.

My sources informed me in the early days that this was a lie and interestingly I recently received an email from someone who claims to have known Tidy for over 30 years.

The report this individual gave differs greatly from the rosy picture Tidy attempts to paint of himself.

Rob Tidy History Z4Life Scam

Oh dear... That's quite the colourful history to have had all before the age of 30.

A few points:

  1. Not surprised at all to hear he is involved with shady characters due to him being involved in gambling for so long (One could even say that gambling is his only talent, albeit, he is only moderately talented there too)
  2. Him paying prostitutes to pretend to be his girlfriend in order to impress people around him... well, has that even changed today??
  3. Yes, he is a compulsive liar and gambler
Rob Tidy Buys Prostitutes
Paid help = Good help? 🥳 and "Thats MR JELLYBEAN to you!"

~2006 - www.tidysportsbets.com

Good lord. Where to even begin. September 2006 Snapshot.

Word on the street is that through this sports betting scam, Rob Tidy managed to extract over $600,000 dollars from everyday Australians.

You can read the page yourself in the image above.

Immediate Red Flags:

  • We do it all for you
  • Passive income
  • We have nothing to hide
  • Win/Win situation
  • Build wealth together
Rob Tidy Scam Z4Life Zipett
Ahhh Robs only claim to fame, the $100 into $250,000 schtick

In case you weren't in the loop, Rob has one claim to fame and that is a news piece that was run many moons ago in which it is reported he won $250,ooo from just $100.

He constantly posts this short video he has uploaded into Youtube as a way to draw out peoples greed and position him as a gambling wizard.

The video:

Chief Baboons Main Claim To Fame

On the Youtube page a few things stand out:

  1. Rob claims he has a system that turned the $100 into $250k (Well, he claims it was more like $532k) and that you should go to his website to pay him money to get him to help you make money
  2. Seems there are a bunch of fake, paid for comments to give it more credibility to the unknowing person
Ro Tidy Sport Betting Scam
Use my sYsTeM to make BiG MoNey - Bobby Baboon
Rob Tidy Sport Betting Scam
Yeah... these look real... NOT!

What were people spending to get scammed by Rob?

Rob Tidy Sport Betting Scam
This just stinks of toxic gambling mixed with Amway 🚨

Now, this scammy-looking Amway packages page really strikes me as familiar... I wonder why..?

Z4Life Scam Rob Tidy
Oh, Rob is certainly a Baboon of habit

Tidy Sports Bet must have received some blowback from people because not long after the September snapshot, we see some adjustments to the website.

Rob Tidy Scammer
I wonder what prompted the change of website copy? 🤭

It seems that TidySportsBet never actually rolled over and died, kinda like a cockroach, kinda like Rob himself... it simply phoenixed into Tidy Lay Bets... you know, the one that had some involvement with Mercedes Corby?

~ 2008 434u - Make money 4 FREE (3)

Rob Tidy 434u Scam
The Evolution Of Online SECURE Social Networking - With a Kym Gallagher cameo 🤯

Next up in the long line of Rob Tidy scams and failures is the, according to Bobby Baboon himself, "Facebook killer" 434u...

It took quite some effort to piece together exactly what was happening here but I finally have a relatively good picture.

The premise of 434u was that it is a secure social network that you could join and make money from, the goal is $434 per month to start with.

What was 434u?

According to released at the time:

434u is the world's most safest and secure online social network and is moderated by its peers. Its a mix of the best social networks with added content and provides a revolutionary rewards and discount model.

How did it work?

Users would join and spend time on the site, which was riddled with display ads, and as a result, users would earn a share of the revenue generated.

434u was presented as a FREE and easy opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and earn extra income.

What was the problem?

As with all things Rob Tidy is involved with, nothing is actually as it seems on the surface.

Lets break it down:

  • In order to start making money, you first had to pay the company $5,000 out of your earnings before you started to be paid anything (So yes, you outlay no money upfront, however you exchange your time (labour) to generate that $5,000, and only after that will you earn anything - so yes, you had to pay-to-play)
  • It was claimed that you didn't need to invite friends or be spammy, however people involved in this scam report that they were constantly pressured by Rob and his cronies to "Bring extra people into the program or just stop using the platform. In fact, we will delete you and block you from using it"
  • Rob claimed this was DEFINITELY NOT an MLMish pyramid scheme, however, there was allegedly 7 levels of people that funds trickled down through before you could even make a cent (And that's after you've generated the initial $5,000 repayment for using the platform of course)
  •  434u was run like a communist nation full of the secret police (Rob and his cronies) who would find you  (Add you as a friend and make sure you accept them) and eliminate you if you are found with illicit content (Posting anything that speaks poorly of Rob aka Big Daddy, his team or the 434u opportunity)
  • They are reports of Rob bullying members into inviting more friends to the platform and spending more time on the platform (to generate more ad revenue) and even going as far as threatening to go to people's houses to have SAFE conversation
  • None of the higher-ups (7 levels remember) was ever able to explain to new recruits how payments were supposed to occur (implying nobody but Rob and his cronies ever got paid) instead it was a vague explanation of maybe a visa card or maybe even Z$$$ which was a digital credit to be used in the 434u store
  • Many complaints piled up from promises not being met and the platform ended up going down the drain

It also seems Rob did a big push into 3rd world countries like the Philippines...

And of course, when it was all coming to the end, Rob of course continues to push people to keep engaging with his scams.

Gotta get ya some of dat Z$$$ so you can get a photo shoot and be groped by a Baboon

2013 - 2019 - Tidy Lay Bets

Rob Tidy Sports Bet Scam TidyLayBets
Not the best quality time-skip but it paints the same picture as always. Yes Rob it does sound too good to be true!

Now, this is the phoenix of Tidy Sports Bet. The idea is exactly the same...

  • Sign up to a package
  • Have your funds gambled for you
  • Lose everything
  • Have virtually zero transparency

What is alleged to be occurring by people involved in the matter is that:

  • Rob would pool funds and sometimes he would only bet a portion (yet pretend he bet it all),
  • Other times he would win and not give a return (under the premise of making even more on another hot bet he knows will be a big winner),
  • Other times he would not bet as much as he claimed, pretend that he did and then lose what was gambled and keep the difference

Long and short is that Rob was collecting money every step of the way and never had any skin in the game because he was losing other people's money - estimates are into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

2016 - 2018 - Bartercoin

Rob Tidy Crypto Scam
Chief Baboon - Going bananas for Bartercoin.

I have already done two articles that go into detail on Bartercoin and the shenanigans that occurred so I will just do a recap and present additional information/evidence.

Article #1: Is Rob Tidy From Zipett Guilty?

Article #2: Zipett History X: What happened with Bartercoin?

Key points:

  • Rob started Bartercoin under the premise of creating the "Bitcoin Killer", the crypto that would be able to be used by the masses and also make lots of people RICH
  • Rob and co raised millions of dollars from investors across the world
  • Rob listed the token (BART) on Sth Xchange but never notified all investors
  • Sth Xchange displays very suspicious activity that looks like market making and withdrawals occurring from wallets directly connected with Rob (Details in article #2 above)
  • Effectively Rob rug pulled his own LEGACY
  • The Bartercoin project was abandoned and Rob claimed that his partners ripped him off and did the dirty
  • Investors were offered new ZIP tokens in the next pea brain Rob Tidy scheme (Which he tells them he is under no obligation to do, but he will because he is such a good person)
  • None of the subsequent projects were launched but all of them took more money off people

Additional information not included in the two articles above:

I am pleased that these articles are gaining momentum and it seems that people are sharing them to the right folks.


Because I received an email recently that has a police report filed back in 2018/19 and in a display of utter incompetence, nothing was done.

Lets take a look at it:

Rob Tidy Scam Bartercoin Z4Life
Rob Tidy Scam Bartercoin Z4Life
Rob Tidy Scam Bartercoin Z4Life
It is mind-blowing to think this is only a small portion of money Rob stole from people. 
Rob Tidy Scam Bartercoin Z4Life
Rob Tidy Scam Bartercoin Z4Life
Rob Tidy Scam Bartercoin Z4Life
Rob Tidy Scam Bartercoin Z4Life

I don't really have much more to add to this, all I can say is that if you still are under the illusion that Rob is the victim here, you require a psychiatric assessment.

Rob Tidy Scam Bartercoin Z4Life
Gotcha suckers - Run away as fast as I can, you can't catch me I'm the Michelin man! 

~ 2018/19 - 2020 - Zipett Poker (The transitory station)

Next up was Zipett poker which was another failure to launch.

Important to cover here is that this is the project that came between Bartercoin and Zipett v1 and v2.

The token for Zipett Poker is Z4L ( https://ethplorer.io/address/0x090f555ef743758ac899f298df6439f763770f18#chart=candlestick&df&dt&legend=price_transfers).

What you wouldn't know is that Tidy originally rolled the Bartercoin victims over to a new token called ZIPT.

Rob Tidy Scam Bartercoin Z4Life
From: Rob Tidy<mroz6@hotmail.com> Date: Mon, 23 July 2018, 18:24 (Sent to BART folk)

What I find interesting is that Bartercoin (BART) had 503 holders...

And the Michelin Man offered to roll BART holders over at a 2:1 ratio (2 ZIPT for every $1 spent on BART).

Now ZIPT doesn't have 503 holders which means either Rob excluded a heap of people OR a heap of people didnt accept the offer OR a combination of the two.

What I then find interesting again is that Rob stopped the rollout of ZIPT and created the token Z4L - offering a rollover from ZIPT/BART to Z4L a mere 10 months later.

From emails, it is framed that he did it due to new business partners not wanting the baggage of old projects BUT Big Daddy has a super tremendous BIG DEAL for them.

Basically saying Mr JELLYBEAN justifying why he made another new token.

Tidy claims he luckily was able to strike a deal that BART/ZIPT holders could roll over into the new token if they are prepared to pay a fee...

Why? Because "this is nothing to do with ZIPT AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE NEW COIN"
Heap of bullshit here and also a display of how Rob has no money management skills - once again, trying to shift blame and justify his failures in a way that makes him look good.
Big Daddy... you can bend over in any direction... lets be honest. 

Of course, this is typical Rob Tidy behaviour, he can't help but repeats how he has no obligation to do anything BUT he is doing it out of the goodness of his peanut-sized heart.


Are you confused now or have you realised the pattern of Tidy?

October 2019 announcement...

Why is it always a FINAL DRAFT whitepaper??

Just another display of Robs' attempts to remove himself from being liable for damages and ALSO symbolic of his inability to ever complete anything (Except for a plate of food)

Just another lie. Blockchain records show no distribution of 5m tokens among the 11 holders.
Here is Big Daddy's secret method... use lots of numbers to confuse people and make them think they will be BIG returns. By the way, is he qualified to give financial advice?
Basically stating some people were stupid enough to pay him to rollover from ZIPT to Z4L but now, out of the goodness of his heart, he will give you Z4L at a 10:1 ratio 🥱🥱🥱

What is most fascinating about all these communications is:

  • How disjointed Robs thought process is
  • How he has no shame in scamming people he has already scammed
  • How he always tries to justify his actions under the premise of "High Morals"
  • How he sells tokens by telling people it will make them rich

What a hot stinking mess right?

Now just to recap all that before discussing Zipett Poker again... 503 people held BART, then 283 people received ZIPT, and strangely, only 11 people received Z4L.

What did happen with Zipett poker was that 100s of thousands of dollars were raised from a handful of retail investors and they received nothing in return except the offer to be rolled over into the next phoenix of Zipett (ZIPC).

What I find amusing about Rob Tidy is his ability to tell tall tales... for example, let's take a look at the Zipett poker whitepaper.

250,000 tokens sold BIG QUICKLY!

Allegedly in June 2019, 250,000 tokens were sold to friends and family... however when we check the activity of the token, there firstly isn't any real activity until October 2019 and secondly, no amounts that really add up to 250,000.

According to an article written in Korean, the token was listed on Oasis Exchange, on the 13th of April, 2020.

The article states that the listing was a success, with its LEO (Limited Exchange Offering) selling 550M Korean Won worth of tokens - roughly $606,000 AUD.

It is impossible to find anything else outside of the LEO details with relationship to Z4L performance (An educated guess is a simple rug-pull).

This is an important point, I think, about these cryptos... Rob always tags people along with the promise of listing like it's a magic pill.

The listing doesn't mean anything if there is no demand and no liquidity.

Oasis Exchange appears to have scrubbed Z4L from all existence also as the token is no longer listed and even the LEO announcement has been removed.

Big Daddies project has been wiped from this site - I wonder why

2018 - 2020 - Zipett Magazine

According to sources, Zipett Magazine was just a pea-brained scheme for Rob Tidy to try and date models.

There was no real business plan based on conversations I've had with people and it has never been launched, despite being spoken about for many years now.

Just another empty-headed waste of space that Rob throws around in an attempt to make himself appear more impressive than he really is. (And we all know by now that Robs level of impressiveness is in the negative numbers)

2018? - 2022? - Zipett

Rob Tidy Scam Bartercoin Z4Life
Current as of today, 21/07/2022, it was supposed to be live months ago according to Rob Tidy.

Well here we are at the scene of the crime, the scam that originally caused Rob 'Never Launch' Tidy and I to collide.

From where I am standing right now, it looks like Rob has come out of this collision a little worse for wear than I have - praise be to god 😍🤭

The premise of Zipett was effectively to have everybody making money from everybody via an invitation model/two layer affiliate system paid for by fees generated from people conducting transactions in the Zipett app.

The problem?

Rob created the ZIPC token for no reason other than raising money from unsuspecting fools under the belief that the ZIPC token would magically go from $1 to $10 in just a few weeks making everyone incredibly rich.

Lets stop and appreciate how moronic this is... there are 1B ZIPC tokens and if it went to $10/token you'd effectively have a $10B market cap for Zipett.

Of course, Rob would justify this by comparing himself to Elon Musk / Tesla and Jeff Bezos / Amazon.

Do not let this man-child procreate!!

From what I can gather, ZIPC literally served no purpose until Rob entered a business partnership with BTD and they created actual use cases for the token (albeit a short-term relationship due to Bobby Baboon screwing them over like he did to the Bartercoin crew).

Zipett followed the exact same pattern as other projects Rob has "Founded"...

  • Come up with an idea
  • Hype it up
  • Raise money
  • Self-destruct
  • Blame others for the failure
  • Phoenix into a similar venture
  • Take all the victims with you who haven't caught onto your shit
  • Ask them for more money at some stage
  • Rinse and repeat

2021 - Now - Z4Life

Rob Tidy Scam Bartercoin Z4Life
At this stage I am just confused... Health, wealth, lifestyle, crypto?

Z4Life is the next phoenix of Zipett and to be completely honest, I have no idea what it is supposed to do.

Reviewing the White paper leaves more questions than answers but what I can gather is that it follows the same old schtick... FREE MONEY (After you give Rob all your money)

More or less.

Now I can't tell who the real founders are because it keeps changing strangely enough...

Rob Tidy Scam Bartercoin Z4Life
A few months ago...

So who do we have here...

  1. Rob Tidy (Of course)
  2. Darryn Lyons (Random)
  3. Reno Nicastro (Shady looking)
  4. Keagan Smith (The brains?)
  5. Kym Gallagher (Australias didgiest and most intellectually impaired accountant - Mr ASX 🤯)
  6. Dr Espen Hjalmby (Its all about the feelings man)
  7. Brian Benham (Sarge Benham)
  8. Marcia Brunner (Ok..?)
  9. Jim Boxell (Stand in puppet director)
  10. Nathan Nguyen (Random)

Now as of today, that has changed to:

Ahhhhh ok...

I am not even going to bother detailing who these new folk are - I am growing tired.

So the long and short of Z4Life is:

  • Rob rolled some ZIPC holders into Z4Lifes ZIPB token (At least he is consistent)
  • Rob has been selling this new token for months (maybe 6 months) and allegedly (According to himself in his boastful emails) has sold over $7m worth of them to new victims
  • Rob has been promising this would be launched by now and of course, it has not and by the looks of it will not
  • This is just another money pit that has cost victims millions of dollars collectively whilst Rob travelled all around the world in first class / business class, eating at fine restaurantsand staying at expensive hotels. (Flashbacks to Bartercoin anybody?)


Is this camera on Ari? Am I in the shot? - Bobby Baboon, 2022

So there you have it folks, a little tour of Big Daddies colourful history.

As you can see, it is just a repeat of the same of tactics - he is appearingly unable to change his behaviour no matter how much time pasts.  

In positive news, it seems that there is tremendous momentum with the media case and some amazing victims have come forward to share their experience with Big Daddy.

If you've been impacted by Robs shenagens please email me the details: debunk_el_funk@protonmail.com

We have almost got this slime ball so covered that not even he will be able to weasal his way out of it.

Bravo mi grupo!

With love of tacos,

Debunk El Funk