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Rob Tidy Confronted LIVE

Rob Tidy Scammer
The Brady Bunch 
IMPORTANT NOTE: The information discussed below is a personal honest opinion that has been developed as a result of both research of publicly discoverable information and conversations with people involved in the matter. Take this as an honest personal opinion and form your own opinions based on the arguments and points presented below and your own critical thinking.

Well, folks, it joys me to say that the Mr Robert Colin Tidy, son of deceased, well-known, multi-millionaire Australian bookmaker, Colin Richard Tidy, has his house of cards starting to crumble.

I feel blessed to have been a useful tool in creating the initial momentum to give his victims the confidence to pursue this case legally, criminally, and via media.

Now in this short post, we will take a look at how Mr Zipett treats people who have invested money with him.

Forewarning, Mr Zipett, in the videos to come, has been in hospital with Covid, something he despicably tries to use to make his victims feel sorry for him.


Rob is filmed on a LIVE zoom call with a number of victims (5th of March, 2022) who are expressing their frustration of lack of communication, deceit, and absence of transparency from Mr Zipett.

How does Rob feel about the fact he took money from investors for ZIPC tokens?

Mr Zipett is rather direct about ZIPC's value

After telling them that the ZIPC they purchased, through the company Z4LIFE, is worthless, the victims just want to quickly confirm something before they get gaslighted by Mr Zipett...


After confirming that the money invested did go to Rob's company, for a promised crypto platform, which had in fact been abandoned by Rob to phoenix into a new platform and new token, the victims enquire about the new project - Robs response is a masterclass in narcissistic gaslighting.

"Not one cent of your money has gone to the new project, but out of the GOODNESS of my heart I will extend you an olive branch" Robert Colin Tidy, 2022

Robert is very truthful here, the investments did not go to the new project, it went to financing Robert's exuberant lifestyle (In my humble opinion). The audacity he has, to claim, right to their faces, that he is only giving them new tokens out of the kindness of his heart is astounding.

No you buffoon, you took money from people under the promise of delivering a groundbreaking crypto platform. At the bare minimum, you should refund them every cent AND give them new tokens.

Next up the victims urge Rob to jump on a Zoom with every Zipett investor to have a big QNA... Rob's response is, well, Tidy...


This man, Robert Colin Tidy, 53, of Gold Coast, Australia... has no shame. In an attempt to escape, he uses being in hospital as an excuse for not being able to hop on a Zoom call because he is far too sick.

However, the very next day, I wonder what Rob is up to? Luckily he is an oversharing sociopath.

Too sick for a zoom 😷🤧
Spongebob music
But healthy enough to fly from Gold Coast to Melbourne and spend the night out - bless his little heart. 🥳🥳

Well, nothing more really needs to be said about that now does it?

Next, Rob tries to shift the blame to the people that introduced the investors into the Zipett project (Affiliates), stating that any lack of knowledge is their fault and they, as affiliates, should have passed information on to the investors they brought in.

The victims call Rob out on this, stating that nobody had any idea what was going on, not even their "Affiliates", to which Rob simple replied with:

The look on their faces says it all folks 🤠

As the call progresses the victims inquire about the status of the new project, to which Rob declares "IT IS LAUNCHED!"

In fact, that sounds familiar:

Holy smokes Batman!

Not so fast El Chunko, you devilish deceiver you, a quick look at www.zipett.com shows this:

Still not launched almost a month later... 🤯

Perhaps Rob should change his name to Robert "Never Launch" Tidy.

He also claims that they are purchasing a neobank for ~ $700,000, which HE is paying for... HIM, not raising money for it... HE IS PAYING FOR IT.

Spoiler: The only money he has is money previously raised from investors so guess what, you guys ARE PAYING FOR IT 🤭

See below:


The next one minute of video shows Rob's true colors and how he has zero care for investors from who he has taken money from. Blatantly he lies to their faces before losing his cool and telling them his true thoughts on the matter.

Worth noting too is that Rob lies about owning 50% of Black Tie, which is easily disprovable:

Black Tie Director
Black Tie Shareholder

Now you may be thinking, hold on Debunk, maybe it's PIM PTY LTD that Rob has 50% shareholding in..?

No... Just Caroline as Director. 
And what I'll assume is Caroline and her partner's company as shareholder (Caroline's surname starts with Mac)

Here is the disgusting clip:


At this stage, you may be thinking the same as I do: Nothing that comes out of this man's mouth is truthful.

That at least is my humble, personal opinion.

Of course, next, the stupidity continues to spew forth from Rob's mouth as he plays the victim card mixed with more lies about being sick for 4 weeks... hold on...

For a man allegedly great a math, he sure gets numbers wrong often. 

Next Rob says there will be a live Zoom with 300 people on it. He warns though to not "Behave how you are currently behaving", the reason? Because "These (300 people) are all positive people who have paid $4.5M"

So if we run this through the Tidy Translator, what we get is:

"Look, don't bring up the fact I have been scamming people for years and that I took your money and treated you like sh*t because the people on this Zoom still think the sun shines from my wazoo and I REALLY want to suck some more money out of them before I flee the country to go live in Miami and start a new scam there"

Of course, the Tidy Translator only spits out my humble, personal, honest opinion.

He also throws in a little dig at Caroline about raising more money than she EVER could, which requires the axiom that Rob tells the truth and that Rob is not a serial scammer of course for it to even be remotely impressive.


In closing

Debunk - Internet detective, scam hater and taco lover

To bring this post to an end I will simply say this:

To date, Robert Colin Tidy has failed to display any personal growth, remorse, or adjustments to his behaviors.

When caught out in a lie, he simply doubles down and tries to make you feel like you're the problem. (See here: https://www.insightmedianow.com/conversations-with-a-narcissist/)

It brings me great pleasure to know that forces are gathering to bring an end to the scams that Tidy has been executing for the last decade.

With love of tacos,

Debunk El Funk

Ps if you have a story or you're a victim of Tidy, feel free to email me: debunk_el_funk@protonmail.com