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Is Rob Tidy From Zipett Guilty?

What does this have to do with Rob Tidy, Zipett and this potentially being one of Australia's holy grail of scams, in my humble opinion? Let me explain.
Rob Tidy | Bartercoin failure
Rob Tidy | Bartercoin failure
IMPORTANT NOTE: The information discussed below is a personal honest opinion that has been developed as a result of both research of publicly discoverable information and conversations with people involved in the matter. Take this as an honest personal opinion and form your own opinions based on the arguments and points presented below and your own critical thinking.

Before we dive into this little write-up of Robert Colin Tidy AKA Mr Zipett, lets first address the fact that the post below once was sitting publicly on Reddit, until Robert got my account suspended.

Supposedly exposing alleged scams goes against their guidelines, especially if someone's feelings / ego gets hurt in the process.

My response to the blatant censorship of conversation was: So the people hurt in these scams feelings don't matter?

So this post is a repost you could say, a repost of what Rob Tidy desperately wanted to be removed.

Also, Rob claims I am trying to defame his character... well I am not interested so much in Robs character as I am his actions, how those actions relate to others and this article is a presentation of information so that people can make informed decisions. It is not designed to defame his character.

Debunk | Keyboard detective, Scam hater, Taco lover

There is a saying in the bible that goes along the lines of "Do unto others as you'd like done unto thyself", in fact, this saying dates back far beyond the bible, in ancient Babylon they had a saying along the lines of "Don't do to others what you don't want to be done to yourself".

What does this have to do with Rob Tidy, Zipett and this potentially being one of Australia's holy grail of scams, in my humble opinion? Let me explain.

In 2021 I had a friend inform me she was considering purchasing some crypto and that she had a chap by the name of Rob Tidy from Zipett pressuring her with FOMO sales tactics and fear-based manipulation methods (economy is going to crash, you will lose your super, Zipett is the only safe haven, buy now).

This led me to do some reconnaissance to find out if this was legitimate or not. As I began searching online I discovered that Rob appeared to have had a history of failed ventures; of taking peoples money, promising them the world, participating in some form of bad behavior that causes the project to fail, blaming everyone for the failure but himself, and then starting a new project to keep kicking the can down the road for the people he had taken money off.

As you can imagine, I became quite concerned.

Zipett Magazine | Rob Tidy's pickup channel
Zipett Magazine | Rob Tidy's pickup channel 

According to sources, Rob Tidy and Peter Trainer started Zipett Magazine, with and I quote:

"Zipett Magazine, Rob will quite freely admit, was a project he cooked up with a photographer friend to allow Rob to sleep with impressionable models." - Anonymous source

Zipett Poker - Rob Tidy - Scam

A quick google search also brings up other projects such as Zipett Poker, which according to people I have chatted with, took hundreds of thousands of dollars from investors and was never launched.

434U - Rob Tidy Zipett Scam
According to Rob poor Piekny was the only disgruntled person from 434u - right 😂

And then there is the elusive social media platform, 434U Rob allegedly created that "Ranked 4th on Alexa in the Philippines" and ultimately did nothing, went nowhere, and left people frustrated like Piekny above.

What has been consistent throughout his life it seems, is selling unexpecting victims the dream, taking their money to fund his lifestyle, and claiming the funds come from his family trust. As the projects fail, he comes up with a new pea-brained scheme to roll investors into, and mints new tokens to distribute to his victims to make them feel good in order to avoid them coming after him.

According to a fresh source he is currently trying to position the message in the market as his old Zipett business partner Caroline has control over ZIPC, which he created for the Zipett platform, that he distributed to all the people he rolled over from Bartercoin and Zipett Poker, and that Caroline will be making it a success whilst he has created a new token for Zipett 2.0.

This, on the surface, in my humble opinion, appears to be classic Rob Tidy behavior, and a smart, albeit morally bankrupt way of shifting 5+ years' worth of debt onto some other sucker so he gets off scot-free.

Well, not while Detective Debunk El Funk is on the case Senior Tidy!

One of my sources also informed me that they heard along the grapevine that Rob had been selling his personal ZIPC at rates lower than what was publicly stated on the Zipett website and instead of the funds going to the project to fund development and growth, it went into Robs back pocket to fund his lifestyle.

This is supposedly one of the reasons why there was a split in the Zipett team last year, but we will cover more on that in the next post.

Let's move to Bartercoin which according to Rob, was the Bitcoin killer, the thing to change the world and if you gave Rob enough money, you could be part of the wild journey to success.

Rob Tidy - Zipett - Bartercoin - Zipett Poker - 434u - Zipett Magezine - Z4Life - Scammer
Dumb, dumbo, dumber and dummy

The crew involved with Bartercoin looked amazing on paper; there were successful business people, people with degrees, doctors, and media personalities. What on earth could have gone wrong?

Let's take a brief look at some of the team (From publicly viewable White Paper):

Rob Tidy Zipett Scammer
Rob Tidy AKA Chief Baboon of Bartercoin
Hold on, another CEO..?
Rob Tidy Zipett Scam
Ahh the brain? Resume seems sound, could just be a weasel in a suit though!
Rob Tidy Zipett Scam
Here's a familiar face! Pocket CFO Kym Gallagher
Rob Tidy Zipett Scam
Mr. Boxell hangs around Rob like a bad smell - seems he is the stand-in director for Rob when Rob is bankrupt
Peter Trainer the branding expert with little apparent skill in design if Zipett Magazine (Rob and Peter's venture) is to anything to go by
Rob Tidy Scammer
Wonder if this GM was aware of Rob Tidy Zipett siphoning of funds from the project
Rob Tidy Scams
Wow! This guy looks great! A Doctor!

If you'd like to see the full team, then take a look here: https://docplayer.net/91771499-Bartercoin-summary-summary-1-1-for-community-review-subject-to-change-important-disclaimer.html#show_full_text

In the Bartercoin white paper which is the link above, there's mention of support coming from the government in Trinidad too. I am blown away by how Bartercoin didn't make all the investors filthy rich, as promised by our local cowboy Rob Tidy.

Hold the phone... maybe Rob was being less than honest on the white paper?

Trinidad Gov Press Release: https://bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com/tv6tnt.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/c/d8/cd8939e6-18e5-11e8-a11a-379f01f88e61/5a90907e36bcb.pdf.pdf

Trinidad Government Website: http://www.news.gov.tt/content/digital-currency-–-bartercoin-exchange-and-initial-coin-offering-trinidad-and-tobago#.YfNl3i0RpN1

Loop News Trinidad: https://tt.loopnews.com/content/finance-ministry-distances-itself-digital-currency-offering

Tech News Trinidad: https://technewstt.com/pr-bartercoin-mof/

Caribbean National Weekly: https://www.caribbeannationalweekly.com/caribbean-breaking-news-featured/trinidad-tobago-government-warns-use-digital-currency/

Despite this, according to the silver tongue, tell no lies, Rob Tidy, however, it has been said that Bartercoin was an outstanding success, in fact, raising more money than any Australian crypto startup ever has by at least ~ 6x with Bartercoin's astonishing 300M coins sold at the price of $1, in just 3 min.

Bartercoin Press release: https://www.tv6tnt.com/digital-currency-launch/pdf_aff68a46-18e5-11e8-af57-971eb37baadf.html

Seems what they say is true: Never let the truth get in the way of a good story (Something Rob seems to take to heart)

Now I have been contacted by a number of people who invested in Bartercoin and despite what Rob's press release states with the astounding $300M raise, they have said they received no return on investment - in fact, they didn't even know that the token had been listed on South Exchange.

According to a source: "Bartercoin token launched on South Xchange back in April 2018 at $5.00, before plummeting to around 5c within the next two months. There was zero liquidity, some really foolish mistakes."

After inspection of the Ethereum blockchain explorer EtherScan.io, it seems there were odd transactions occurring also. Specifically, of transactions that were tokens being sent (sold) to South Xchange, ~95% of the 80 transactions had a curious connection with Bartercoin - ie company proxy wallets; burners, market makers and cash out wallets. (View them here: https://etherscan.io/token/0x3989167193214886330c3e4b5535428e168cf6bd?a=0x324cc2c9fb379ea7a0d1c0862c3b48ca28d174a4)

I'll do another post unpacking that because it is certainly curious.

View it here: Zipett History X: What Happened With Bartercoin?

Is it too early to pass judgment on Rob and his business practices yet?

I am very curious about where the raised money went. Complaints I've heard from inside sources claim that while investors were working hard, praying their investments produced a return, Rob Tidy gave them radio silence and lived up a lavish lifestyle according to his 'World Roadshow' pictures on social media. Interesting indeed, in my humble opinion.

All good things must end and it appears that Rob and his superstar team had a falling out, kind of similar to what is happening right now with the Zipett 1.0 team who were helping him to try and get Zipett to market.

We may never know the exact details of what went down with Bartercoin, but perhaps we can infer some meaning from Rob's public press release regarding the failure.

Let's attempt to decipher this and turn it back into what I perceive as truth.

Rob Tidy Zipett Scam

Well, according to Rob FAKE PROFILES were attempting to stir some pot in this attempted mutiny and blame deflection with Zipett, oops, Bartercoin I mean - apologies the similarities are too great and I was confused momentarily.

Fact #1: Not a director or signatory

Now, this is not surprising at all and in my opinion would be due to Rob having been bankrupt/having legal problems looming, therefore unable to be a director. Yet just because you're not a director or signatory on paper, doesn't mean you have no power, as you are about to see. Hence the term Shadow director.

Debunks Factcheck #1: Pants on fire and irrelevant. But you can come to your own decision of course.

Fact #2: Solutions?

It seems they were aiming to avoid tax or ASSET PROTECTION as Tidy says. which isn't a ludicrous notion, and Rob is attempting to distance himself by claiming no control which once again, doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things. Especially with the way Rob appeared to be ultimately pulling all the strings, as you will soon discover.

Debunks Factcheck #2: Deflection and shifting blame to others. But you can come to your own decision of course.

Rob Tidy Zipett Scam

Fact #3: No control over the exchange and mismanaged funds

Once again Rob is indirectly claiming the reason he wasn't a director was due to there being a better candidate, however as stated previously, Rob, according to himself, has been bankrupt four times in his short life (prevents directorship for 3 to 8 years, so ~12 to ~32 years in total he has potentially been forbidden from being a director on paper, which sheds light on how it could be possible that random people always appear with Rob - the same old circus as I have become fond of calling them).

Rob seems to insinuate that Grant is the cause of the problems they faced, however, sources say that Rob was pocketing funds, which would definitely put accounts out of balance.

I wonder, if he had no control, how'd he successfully have the exchange locked as he stated?

Also, it seems that Rob actually had much more influence over Bartercoin Exchange Pty Ltd than it appears on paper. Based on publicly receivable ASIC documents, Elisian Holdings Pty Ltd is a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

(This Elisian info is related to the fact #4 discussed next, so pay attention)

According to documents, Rob Tidy was appointed director on 06/10/2017 and Grant Whyburn was appointed director on 02/11/2017. Rob Tidy stepped down as director on 02/11/2017, with his shadow James (Jim) Boxell taking Rob's place on 15/11/2017.

My assumption here is that Rob stepping down likely coincided with some kind of legal drama, such as a potential looming bankruptcy, as he doesn't strike me as the type to give up control easily based on all observable metrics.

Rob Tidy Zipett Scam

Now, also interesting here is that out of the 115,000,000 shares allocated in Elisian, 3,000,000 were owned by Bartecoin Exchange Pty Ltd, 500,000 by Rob Tidy directly, a significant amount owned by The Trustee For JB Super Fund at 100,100,000 (which based on the relationship between Rob and Jim, my assumption is this is just Robs shares hidden away so he doesn't look like he has large ownership - can anybody smell the potential of premeditated? Or is it just me?), and final small amounts split between random people (A source said that Rob recently got people to purchase shares in a company called ZCVC Pty Ltd with a promise of returns from sales of random tokens, so we perhaps can estimate something similar happened here?).

Rob Tidy Zipett Scam
Rob Tidy Zipett Scam

Back to Bartercoin Exchange Pty Ltd now that we have a little background information to make sense of the nonsense.

Turns out from all the shares created in that entity, 50% went to Wayne Sharpe and 50% went to Elisian Holdings Pty Ltd, which we have already concluded, in my opinion, was most likely majority owned and operated by Rob Tidy.

Rob Tidy Zipett Scam

So to even insinuate that he had no control over what was happening with Bartercoin Exchange Pty Ltd is completely false and dishonest, which seems to be Rob's modus operandi.

Debunks Factcheck #3: Pants on fire, premeditated deceit, and shifting blame to others. But you can come to your own decision of course.

Rob Tidy Zipett Scam
"I felt safe letting other people run the company I was shadow directing" Rob Tidy

Fact #4: Elisian Holdings Pty Ltd was controlled by others, not me

Ok, I have covered most of the reasons why this section is utter nonsense, however, let's make a few more distinctions.

  • Rob claims he effectively had no control, we have already proven this to likely be false.
  • Rob claims $3m was raised by Elisian earlier in this release, so even if what he says is true (JB accounting for only 5-10% of spending), that is still $150k - $300k that could have been spent on non-project related items.
  • Next, he claims that he owned all tokens and legally every cent was his from these sales, yet he spent it on the project or support of the project, and he is still owed money from the project, and its STILL his LEGACY.
  • Taking all of this into account and combining it with info I have been receiving from insiders, my assumption is that X amount of tokens was meant to be owned by the project to finance it and that Rob had a personal founders supply that he sold on the side to finance his own back pocket. Just like he has allegedly done with the current Zipett project.
  • If this is an accurate assumption, it would warrant a dispute occurring between business partners due to Rob effectively sabotaging his own LEGACY with his greed.

This, in my opinion, just demonstrates more of Rob trying to shift the blame to other people whilst taking no responsibility himself.

Rob Tidy Zipett Scam

Final remark: The text to a friend (Link to the public document below)

In this section he tries to make people feel guilty for doubting his innocence and then offers to roll over the loyal BART holders into his new gambling token which we can only assume was the next failure and abandoned project Zipett Poker.

He seems to be referring to a wrongdoing in Townsville casino, which he claims was not investor money, however, based on all the evidence we have covered so far, my personal opinion is that anything Rob Tidy says, the truth is likely either the complete opposite or a fraction of what is stated.

His justification was that it was money owed to him which seems to be a regular justification for bad behaviour - typical behavioural patterns of a narcissist.

The end is a rant about vision and legacy and that he won't be beaten down by these dark, sinister, and evil forces who are trying to ruin his purely altruistic, utopic vision. This I conclude and hopefully, you do too after reading everything so far, is absolute nonsense and simply Rob trying to position himself as a person of high moral standards.

Full statement here: https://pastebin.com/THV7uGP0

Your friend,

Debunk El Funk

Ps if you've been wronged by Mr Robert Colin Tidy then send me an email with the details here: debunk_el_funk@protonmail.com